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On January 16, 1877, a small group of people held a meeting in a schoolhouse in the Town of Franklin and decided to organize Franklin Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. One of the founders of the Company was John H. Carpenter, the great grandfather of Carol Olson. In the many years Franklin Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has been in business there have been only eight Presidents and eight Secretaries. Carol Olson was Secretary for 36 years.

The By-Laws of the Company state the home office is to be in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Over the years the office was in several different locations in Spring Green. On January 16, 2021, Franklin Farmers Mutual Insurance Company celebrated its 143rd year in business.

The building that is currently owned by Franklin Farmers Mutual Insurance Company was purchased over 70 years ago by Edward Kraemer after a fire. He leased the building to Wisconsin Power & Light. In 1975 JoAnn Baumgardt purchased the building from Kraemer and operated her clothing store JoAnn's for 21 years. On 01/01/1996 River Valley Investments LLC purchased the building from Baumgardt and leased it to Jewell & Associates which later became known as Clark Dietz.

On 11/25/1998 Franklin Farmers Mutual Insurance Company purchased the building and occupies it today.

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